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Reading has become an obsession (but I blame Michael for that!) He's taught me how much we can learn, enjoy, educate and grow ourselves within the pages of a book! He's a master reader and I aspire to be like him...but until then I'll have my stack of pending books I'm working through piled up on my bookshelf! Here you'll find the link to my most recent reads that I recommend! The Life Giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson is a must read! (I've underlined and starred so much in that book and am already planning on reading it again!) And I'm always up for more recommendations from you! In fact, I'd absolutely love that! If you have one, send it to me here! 


If you missed my blog post about my word for 2018, read all about what it is here!

Did you read it? Perfect! Now that you know what my word is, you'll know why I love this next section! Because my life, marriage, friendships (you fill in the blank) are a continual act of growth (like everything else in life), I've created a PDF with four simple, practical ways to pursue your spouse and help your marriage flourish! (And remember: I'm working on this together with you!)

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What i'm listening to

Music does wonders for the soul. Am I right?? I've found in my own life that listening to certain songs will change not only my mental perspective on current situations, but will refocus my thoughts on the things that are good. Songs have the ability to encourage, pump us up, prepare, refocus, calm & reenergize. In this little section, of this little nook in the world, I hope to share with you links to songs that I'm listening to. Songs that have had an impact on my life with the hope that they will have the same on yours! Check out my current favorite song in the link below!

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Here you'll get to read about the crazy, random, (sometimes pointless) every day stories in mine and Michael's lives! Stories about the funny ordinary life happenings and most likely you'll hear about our 70 lb lap dog Moose. Welcome to our crazy! 

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The Art of Apparel was born out of a heart to help assemble, create, fashion, fit together and form outfits by sparking creativity in unique ways! Head over to the blog to find posts full of information to help you put together the perfect outfit!

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I don't have it all together. 
I, my friends, am a work in progress. 
As a wife. As a friend. As a business owner. As a daughter. As a follow of Christ. I'm on this beautiful, hard, learning, bending, rewarding path of growth. And as most things in life, walking alone is never a good thing. 

And so as God is teaching me, convicting me, stretching me I realized that many are on this same path.

In this space it is my dream to take you along the journey--to let our stories beautifully collide. To be vulnerable with the hope that maybe some things I'm learning, reading, growing in might change the both of us. The heart issues, the discipline in Spiritual growth, the light everyday happenings, the words that have encouraged me, the joys of creating a home, the beauty in pursuing your spouse, the fun in combining outfits, the adventure of trying new recipes, the 
rewards in working towards deeper friendships. 
I don't have it all together, but I hold to this beautiful promise that He who began a good work in me will be faithful to see it to completion. 



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