The Wilkins Family | A Wilkins Wonderland

(Before I start, I would like to give all credit to the title of this blog to my dear husband Michael… also…can you tell I’m ready for Christmas!? Hehe)

Enough about that. The Wilkins! Michael and I had the joy of being a part of a small group with Mark and Erin. They are the kind of people who welcomed their home and their hearts to us. Erin was a safe place. In church, in small group, she was always there to offer a smile or ask about how life is going…then she listened. Not just heard. She listened. She was vulnerable and humble. Shared parts of who she was in order to glorify the Lord and praise Him for the paths she’s been down and point back to Christ. She is a true diamond among the rough. And Mark. There’s such a warmth there. And oh is it SO sweet to watch him interact with his daughters! He’s so gentle and caring! (And now finally a SON! Happy to add a little blue to the house!!)

It was an absolute joy to get to spend the afternoon with the Wilkins family! To help show others just a glimpse of how sweet they are! Look at them–their joy exudes through the pictures!!!

Christmas or no Christmas, these dear friends are really what Michael said. A Wilkins Wonderland.

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