Love On Mainstreet | Kelsie + Aaron

As most of you know, Michael and I recently moved to Kansas City, MO. And with all the excitement of a new city, a new job, a new church came fears as well. My biggest, new friends.

About a month after we had arrived, Kelsie reached out to me asking if I wanted to go on a walk with her. Of course I did! So we set aside a morning that worked for both of us and marked it on the calendar. Kelsie arrived sunglasses on and tennis shoes laced up–I was ready hair in a bun and dog on a leash. Normal beginnings to a friendship usually entail awkward conversation starters and strong walls. But as we began our walk down the trail, something was different. We each shared our stories. Laughed. Listened. And before we knew it, both of us were sharing our struggles. (I mean, come on! When does that ever happen in a first time get together!) Our walk was long. Like really long! (On the way back, Maximus kept laying down every couple minutes because he was so tired!) And when we got home the talking didn’t stop. We stood in the kitchen drinking ice water continued to share.

And like that, a friendship was formed.

About a week later, Kelsie sent me text asking how I was doing–“Like REALLY doing…” and I know it’s because she cared and wanted to come alongside me. What an answer to prayer in such a time of transition! And that doesn’t even include Aaron! We’ve gone out for Chinese with Aaron and Kelsie and as soon as Michael and I got back in the car, both of us were talking about how FUN they were! It’s such a special gift when BOTH the wives and the husbands get along so well!

Aaron and Kelsie have such a heart for people! Even in first meeting them, it was so obvious! They love those around them so well! They are both teachers (what a perfect outlet for their outgoing personalities), lead Young Life, sing in worship together! (And I could go on!!) So when we scheduled a time for me to take their pictures I KNEW it was going to be a piece of cake to make them look good! It was her laugh, so easily shared. It was his look, so lovingly cast. It was their love, to beautifully visible!!

Kelsie and Aaron–Michael and I are so thankful for you both and SO excited to see how our friendship will continue to grow and deepen!!! And guys—-you ROCKED your shoot!!!


(Seriously–could you guys be any more adorable!?!? Now you know why I had to keep sharing sneak peeks!!!!!)


To whoever lives in that blue house—we loved your back steps!!!


GAH! That LIGHT! I was dying. Like seriously!


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