Mandy + Derek | Maternity Pictures at Loose Park

Michael and I don’t have kids yet, but when we do I want to look HALF as good as Mandy when I’m pregnant with our little one!!! Mandy was so full of joy at our shoot! Boy did she make my job easy!!! And the lighting!?! I was in photographer heaven! I absolutely LOVED getting to know Mandy and Derek–to hear their story, to talk about their little guy. And you’ll never believe it!? A week and a half after their shoot they were about to move to Florida! Talk about life changes!!! They were so calm, so easy going! You would have never guessed they were about to tackle parenthood, a new city and a move all at once!

There is something so special about getting to know my clients….when we were done I felt like we had been friends for months! My only regret is that I won’t get to meet their little man when he’s born!

So Mandy and Derek, I hope in the midst of unpacking you’re able to stop and look through your pictures. To relish in the journey you’re walking in together. To think about the adventure you’re about to begin. To remember that Fall night–full of sunset glow & joy, love & expectation…
maternity-pictures-at-loose-park_0001 maternity-pictures-at-loose-park_0002 maternity-pictures-at-loose-park_0003 maternity-pictures-at-loose-park_0004

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