Jason + Madison Engagement | Country Style Love

Right from the beginning Madison had a vision for her engagement pictures. But with each email back and forth I began to catch the dream. “Jason’s family has 240 acres so we were thinking that would be a good place,” Madison wrote me. A wide open space to roam, fields and rolling hills with no one else on them, the quiet of the country and a location that meant something to them personally. I was already swooning!! Then came the next email, “Jason is going to clean up a couple of the Palimino’s. Would it be okay if the horses were in some of our pictures?” HORSES!!! YES A THOUSAND TIMES! And then the next….”One of Jason’s uncles has a 1950’s Chevy truck so we can take pictures by as well if you think that would be a good idea!” (At this point I’m pretty sure I would have died of excitement overload if Madison had sent me another email!!!)

The weekend rolled around and an unseasonable 61 degree winter day met us for their shoot. When we drove up to their property, I think it took me a few minutes to take in the beauty. (I look at their pictures and still have to pinch myself to make sure they are real!) The family greeted Michael and I, even welcomed us into their home! Everyone was relaxed, on no sort of time table. It didn’t feel like I was being hired to take pictures…it was more like they had me there as a friend showing me the renovations to their home and talking about the photos on their walls.

In open fields with fresh soft breezes we took pictures. In wide open spaces and clear blue skies. Horses laid in fields. A cowboy and his love. A flawless red truck alone in a field. Hay bales, slow walks and sunsets.

I was speechless. I think it’s safe to assume you are about to be too…
Jason + Madison_0001 Jason + Madison_0002

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