Kris + Amanda Maternity | Downtown Kansas City

It rained for days before.

As the time rolled from morning to afternoon the clouds began to roll in too. The gray and deep sea blue clouds moved in to help the suns attempt at hide and seek. I drove over the bridge into downtown peering hopefully over the steering wheel towards the sky. But when Kris and Amanda arrived on scene–full of laughter and eager smiles–any fear of a gloomy shoot was quickly driven away.

The life that bubbled from these two seemed to chase away any chance of rain. The way Amanda was delighted every second of the shoot (no exaggeration!) The way they loved being in each others presence. The way they showed tender happiness as they talked about their little one, their firstborn, their child that would make them parents. We laughed throughout their session, they were at ease and enjoyed each moment. Oh how I loved getting to know them–sharing Sunday evening in the light of their personalities!

At the wrap of the session, I put my camera bag in the passenger seat, turned the key in the ignition and began to drive home. As I crossed the bridge back over the river the sky began to sputter. Like it was waiting for us to finish. Then it down poured. It held nothing back. But I was okay with it because I had captured some sunshine locked inside my camera, sunshine I got to share with the world.

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