Two Things YOU Can Do To Make Your Session Exceptionally Unique | Pt. 1

How choosing your location can make your photo session unique to youFamily Pictures in Wheat Field_0003
There are two major things that can either make or break your photo session. Seriously guys. MAKE. OR. BREAK! (And because the second one needs a blog post devoted entirely to itself–and I’m one for surprises, I’m only going to tell you the first today!)

One word.

What location you choose creates the ambiance that will produce the feelings you and all your friends will get when they look at your pictures! Let me take a few minutes to explain. If you’re hoping for elegant, classic and timeless photos–having the surrounding of your everyday park just won’t do it! Instead maybe you choose a lakeside session for dreamy reflections on the water or a wheat field at sunset. If you imagine pictures that have a fun, bright and vivacious look try to find a flower field with bold colors! Think of it this way. You are about to go on a first date. You want them to be impressed and obviously you want to be remembered–but if you take them to a fast food restaurant, no matter how charming you are I can pretty much assure you the second date will be hard to come by. You want to stand out. Create the mood. Be set apart.

“That’s great Lacey, but how??” Wonderful question! I was hoping you’d ask! 😉 Here are three easy steps to help you brainstorm the most unique and original location for your session!

1) Determine The Feel
Start by asking yourself what mood do I want? An easy way to do this is think of adjectives you hope will describe your final set of pictures. Do you want something that is romantic or winsome? Maybe luxurious and charming? Possibly simple and clean. Or do you want images that are bright and bold and candid? Are you hoping for something more modern and stylish or are you going for the natural feel? Adventurous? Timeless? Do you have your words? Good. Let’s keep going!

2) Think Outside the Box
Once you’ve got your adjectives, then start thinking outside the box. Ask yourself questions like: What places are special to my family? Do we know anyone who has land we can use? If your family likes to be in the water, ask around to some of your friends who might own a boat, canoe or kayak you can borrow! If you enjoy hiking, see if there are any trails that might lead to the top of a hill or opening with a view. Like to go apple picking? Make it an event for a candid photo shoot of your family doing something you all love! If bright colors are your thing, drive around downtown and be on the search for bright doors, viney walls and colorful storefronts! Does your family like to go for ice cream every week? Try incorporating that into your session! Have you thought about a lake with a dock? Here’s what I’m saying: The more unique and personalized your location the more unique and rare your shoot will be! (And I LOVE THAT!)

3) Bonus Tip: Props!
Want to make your shoot even more awesome??? Bring props to incorporate into your pictures! Think big like a blankets to sit on! (Something I’d recommend everyone doing!) Want to take it a step further? Look for an old wicker chair or funky bench we could place in a field or under an oversized tree. Then think small. If your adjective was winsome or romantic look into getting a floral crown and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to carry. Say you wanted more of a candid, fun session with your kids. Bring a picnic basket, blanket and food! The sky is the limit here!!!

Of course, I am always here to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with! And I PROMISE it’s worth the effort!!!! Here are a few sessions for inspiration! I can’t WAIT to see what you all come up with! (PS Keep your eye out for part two of this mini series on making your photo shoot exceptionally unique!!)
Family Pictures in Wheat Field_0015

-I ADORED this shoot! Madison and Jason loved being on the land and riding horses together! Yep! You guessed it! We met on their family land and took pictures with their horses and Jason’s uncles Chevy truck made an appearance! Look at this one HERE!
-The Benedict’s decided to go back to the same spot where they were married almost ten years earlier! This time the pictures held memories of their two boys and two dogs! CLICK HERE!
-Heather and Gabe recently moved back to Colorado so what better place to take pictures than Red Rocks. A location you can only find in Colorado!! Check it out HERE!

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