Sunrise Fall Family Pictures at Shawnee Mission Park | Archer

Light crept over the rolling hills topped in golden wheat. Morning was here dressed in Fall.

In spiced ginger fields and cinnamon colored trails there they were. Together. There was a single path down the center of two almost symmetric fields of amber. The sky was gray but somehow held in it the beauty of the season. With a colorless sheet spanning overhead, it seemed to feature the spiced oranges and ruby apple colored leaves dropping one by one from the trees below it. At the very end of the trail there was a line of pine trees. It wasn’t until you got closer did you recognize the small pale blueberries delicately adorning the branches. The color the same at the youngest daughters eyes.

Two sisters. The oldest wrapped her arms around herself, chilled by the morning air yet the smile across her face didn’t let on at the cold touch of the weather. A plaid bow around her younger sisters head. Deep maroons the perfect compliment to the pale flax colored surroundings. A mom and dad with love pulling their daughters–yes, and even their small dog–close to themselves. Autumn stumbled in. Brilliant and beautiful and warm. She enveloped this family of five in the nutmeg sprinkled frame then promised to stay awhile.
sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0001 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0002 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0003 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0004 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0005 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0006 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0007 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0008 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0009 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0010 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0011 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0012 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0013 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0014 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0015 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0016 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0017 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0018 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0019 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0020 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0021 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0022 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0023 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0024 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0025 sunrise-family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0026

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