The Best Thing You Can Say to Your Photographer (And How it Effects You!)

The-best-thing-to-tell-your-photographer-kansas-city-family-and-wedding-photographer-lacey-rene-studios.jpgYour photographer wants you to know something.
Something that will change everything about your session.
And I mean EV-ERY-THING.

From your comfort level to your photo quality to your enjoyment to your relaxation.

Here it is, lean in close. This is it….
“I trust you.”

Recently I was shooting a sweet bride’s wedding. I had gotten there early to see what the lighting was doing and driven around to the different locations she had told me she liked when we had talked through her wedding day timeline! This meant before I walked into the brides room to begin details shots I had a game plan for the day! Although I tucked the info away to begin because I knew this was the bride and grooms big day so of course if there was something else that they were hoping for, I would happily accommodate them! After we did the first look I began to share with her my thoughts for the different locations but before I could even finish my sentence you know what she said to me? “Lacey! I trust you completely! You just tell us where to go and what to do and we’ll do it!!!!” And just like that—everything changed!

When you tell your photographer that you trust them, automatically it frees them up to choosing the absolute best spots for lighting! It gives them creative liberty to do exactly what they are good at because, gosh, that’s why you hired them!! We know by experience and training where the best pockets to get the glow are and how to angle you in them. We see the whole frame of the picture and understand how to pose you within it. When my clients tell me they trust me, everything changes! Not only does it fling open the doors to my creative liberty but it does something for you too! It allows you to let go of your pictures (and the stress of wanting everything to be just so) and lets me take over. It allows you to enjoy your moments with your family, the look in your grooms eyes and gives me to the responsibility of capturing those beautiful memories! You can relax—don’t worry about how to pose (I’ll do that!) Don’t be concerned with wanting the perfect location (I’ll find it!) You see a recurring theme here? 🙂

When you say you trust your photographer, you are telling them, “I have absolute confidence in you!” And you know what happened with the bride from my story? Her wedding had the most portrait pictures I’ve ever taken! We had over an hour for just bride and groom pictures with five different locations! I tell you….those three words are worth it! I promise!!! And if you don’t believe me, give it a try at your session and watch what happens!