What To Tell Your Officiant | For the Bride

This post will be short and sweet.

But important.

After your ceremony when vows have been said and rings exchanged, the moment arrives when you’re going to be pronounced man and wife! It’s a big deal!!! The first kiss. The moment that many freeze and frame and remember! And you know what? Most of the time you get the awkward eyes of your officiant popping out behind you. Or half a bald head. Or a lone limb. Why? Not because your officiant wants to live in infamy as part of your first kiss photo (hehe that’d just be weird if they did)–but because most people forget to ask the officiant if they can step off a couple feet outside of the frame right before they say “You may kiss the bride!”  Of all the weddings that I’ve shot I think there has only been one officiant who did this! So take a moment to shoot your officiant a quick email asking them to do this, I promise they’d be more than happy to! Most just don’t even think about it!

(And perk, I’m sure your future kids will thank you for the nightmares you’re saving them from!) 😉