Three Ways to Elevate Your Wedding Images | For the Bride

It’s no secret. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming….and expensive!!! What?? I know. It’s no surprise to anyone reading this post! But the good news is that there are three easy things that you can do that will elevate your images and make your wedding look more expensive than it really was!

1) Pay Attention to Details
Usually at the beginning of wedding day coverage I spend a decent amount of time shooting details! The most common things in those images are the wedding rings, shoes and dress however the more that I can include the better! (Think invitations, envelopes, earrings, necklaces, boutonnieres, veil, perfume etc). Having more for me to take pictures of here than just the rings will give your wedding an elegant and upscale feel! It’s like when you see a home online that looks nice from the outside, but when you click on pictures of how each room is decorated it adds perspective and zooms into the inside scoop. All the sudden you want to move in! It’s the same with a wedding! When you just see the “big picture” things the wedding is beautiful…but when you take a closer look into the details you see the uniqueness of the wedding and the individual pieces that made up the wedding and your friends will want to see more! (Bonus tip: Think through the theme of your wedding! If you’re getting married outside and the reception will be in a barn, maybe include an extra piece of wood or burlap that I could accent the pictures with! Try to have everything gathered the morning of your wedding and all together in a bag ready to be handed off!)

2) More Portrait Time
It’s true. I know friends and family all want to see the events of your wedding…but the biggest thing that others will be dying to catch a glimpse of is the new couple!!! The more time that you leave for portraits, the more high end your wedding will look! We’ll be able to capture more shots of your veil blowing in the wind, details of your dress, you two in various locations! (Bonus tip: Sunset pictures are the epitome of romantic! Try to leave an extra window of time where we can sneak out and snap a few shots of the end of the day! I promise you won’t be disappointed!! Check out either of these weddings and scroll to the bottom for examples! HERE and HERE).

3) Think Outside the Box
When you take a leap and do something different or unique in your wedding, I promise it will set your images apart!!! Say you’re fiance is into antique cars–rent a classic, vintage car for your transportation between your ceremony and reception! Maybe you grew up on a farm and it was a big part of your heart–try including a goat or lamb in some of your portraits! You and your fiance love to eat!? Instead of catering in food, get food trucks!! The sky is the limit here! (Bonus tip: Are you stuck? Brainstorm things that you love or things that would define you both! What do you like doing together? What are you hobbies? What is important to you? And if you want to run an idea past me–like always, I’m here for you!!)

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