Summer Wedding at The Lodge at Ironwoods | Jennifer + Cody

As Jennifer sat across the table from me-before they even booked me-I knew what a joy it would be to be a part of their wedding. Little did I know how great a joy it would be!

I love my initial inquires and getting to know potential brides over coffee! As Jennifer and I sat in a small coffeeshop one weekday afternoon–she shared with a quiet smile how her and Cody met in youth group, how they grew to know and eventually love one another, how they wanted their day to be centered around the Lord–and it was then that my heart could have burst from excitement! I loved hearing how God was at work within them individually and together as a couple, and knew if I had the opportunity to get to capture their day it would be such an honor!

So when Jennifer officially decided to book me as their photographer I was thrilled and thought I couldn’t be happier! But then the day of their wedding rolled around….and little did I know the depth and joy and sweetness I was about to be a part of!

I watched friends and family rally alongside them and serve Jennifer and Cody as they decorated their venue the morning of the wedding. And not just that, but with gentleness of spirits and sweet smiles and genuine joy! I saw bridesmaids and groomsmen not just stand beside them, but share in the delight at a new family forming. They didn’t just pray over them “for the shot…” but as I stood back, I watched all hands rest on this couple every single person in the bridal party lifted them before the Lord! I once heard a friend say, “You know the quality of the couple by the people they pick to stand with them on their wedding day…” And oh Jennifer and Cody had quality!!! And guys, the parents served us! Asked to fill our water bottles with ice to help us stay cool on the hot day taking pictures outside!

And as the day went on, my respect and love for this couple only grew! Their ceremony was the Gospel. How joining together was just a symbol of Christ and the church–how they didn’t want gifts, but time to share with their guests the incredible things Christ had done for them! I watched them love their friends and family. This was only time I’ve ever seen a mother son dance finish with the mother handing her son off to her new daughter in law…and I probably could have cried!

Jennifer and Cody….and every bridesmaid, groomsmen, parent and guest…..thank you! Thank you for allowing me to share in such a special day! To welcoming me into these moments and entrusting me with such a joy filled, grace given, beautiful day we’ll all remember as the new Mr. and Mrs. Shrum’s!