Authentic Posing 101 | Preparing for Your Session

Many of my families and couples express how excited (and sometimes equally nervous) they are for their session. As your photographer, it’s not only my goal to give you images that you love but just as important, to give you an experience that matches it! And one of the best ways that I know how to do that is to prepare you beforehand!

Posing for your session may seem intimidating, but I promise you, after this post, you’ll be a pro! And though I may be small, let me tell you, I. Can. Talk! Your whole session will be instructing you exactly what to do, where to stand, where to look and where to put that one hand you don’t know what to do with. So with that as a premise to ease your mind, lets get started with a few things you can do!

1) Movement is Good
One of the best ways that I know how to make my couples & families look natural is to encourage movement! After I find the best light and put you all at the perfect angle to capture it, I might say, “Now (insert dad’s name here) I want you to lean in and tickle (insert kids name here) while you (mom), give your daughter the biggest hug!” I’ll be instructing you through each pose, but when you move, tickle, hug walk, talk to each other—those things are unforced and your images will reflect that.

2) Fill Me In
Here’s what I mean. If there’s anything that you are self conscious of (the way your arms look, your jawline, those last few pounds you can’t seem to lose etc) let me know! I have tricks up my sleeve in ways I can pose you to help! So fill me in!

3) Creating A Moment
At some point I may say something like, “Now whisper into her ear…” And instead of acting like you’re whispering, actually do it. Tell her your favorite thing about her, or the funny thing that happened to you both this morning, or an inside secret. Sweet, tender, funny moments always stem from something authentic.

4) Think Through Your Outfit
I know. I know. You’ve heard me say it before, but we’re back again! (That must mean it’s important!) What you chose to wear to your session changes everything! From the tone of the shoot to posing! Posing? You ask. Yep. Posing. If you’ve read this post, you remember that layering, accent pieces, scarves, hats etc are all good! And here’s why. If you have those things (a tulle skirt you can play with, a large floppy hat you can pull down over your eyes, suspenders she can draw you in close with…) they will make your shoot not only creative, but unique & natural. I LOVE it when my clients show up with those kind of things!!

So as you anticipate your session with me, remember—movement is good, fill me in on the details, create moments & think through your outfit—but more than all those, remember. I’m here to help you through the whole thing!

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