Pinstripes & Perfect Love | Kirsten + Tanner Downtown Engagement

Rays from the sun rose from slumber over the sky high buildings casting the warmth of summer love on all it touched. It reached around corners, snuck above the skyline and reflected in store front windows. The city slowly rose, but with no great rush to start its day. In a magical way like only light can do, visions of the city’s beauty was mirrored around them in the glass wondrously fusing images with the original masterpiece.

The world was a beautiful place. And there within it, two people in love wandered and roamed and took it all in. Almost like it was theirs alone to enjoy.

Her pinstripe dress wrapped around her slender waist and his arms willingly finished the embrace. Every now and again a warm midwest breeze swept through the frame, like the way she swept through his life. There–before them–lay a life time of moments, of memories, of slow mornings just like the one they found themselves in this morning….