The Twist Trick

This post may seem silly, but I discovered it at a recent styled shoot and thought I was brilliant! (Am I allowed to think that?) It’s easy and so helpful especially on wedding days!

One of the details that us as photographers continuously keep an eye on during wedding days is how the gown is falling. Every pose it’s a check, double check, to make sure the dress lays just so. If the gown has even the smallest train, it’s a continual up and down routine to make sure it looks great!

As I was shooting, I realized it’s not just if the dress is spread out at the bottom, but it’s also how the dress looks as a whole! (What in the world do you mean Lacey?) Well, every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and as a photographer that’s a huge part of our job! The best way to do that is knowing your angles.

And the same thing hold true with her gown.

If you just pull the dress out at the bottom, it might look circular and even, but what about the way it’s twisting? Is the dress creating an angle that accents the brides curves in the right spot? Here’s how to make sure it happens every time.

  1. Taking into account your lighting and location, figure out what direction you want the bride to face for the shot. Got it? Good.
  2. Then place your bride facing 90 degrees from that direction.
  3. While she’s facing that direction, spread out the bottom of the dress so it’s directly behind the bride.
  4. Then go to where you’ll be taking your shot and tell your bride to rotate those 90 degrees so now her toes face you. You’ll notice that the dress has wrapped just perfectly around the base of your bride!

I accidentally did this twice during the same styled shoot until I realized how easy and perfect the gown looked with the twist every single time! Now it’s my go to trick for consistent results that will guarantee your brides dress to lay beautifully every time!

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