What You Can Do Today That Will Help You at Next Years Session

I’ve said it before and you could probably bet money that I’ll say it again, but one of my absolute favorite things about my job is the relationships that I get to create and build! For me during sessions it’s not just about getting incredible images (although that’s certainly a part of it) but it’s about the time that I get to know each family, the time I get to spend time with each couple! Everybody has a story, and being welcomed into so many is a joy!

During sessions I talk.

Like, a lot.

I ask questions because I genuinely want to know my people! That’s what creates friendships (which again, is why I do what I do!)

But knowing that a year (or multiple years) before I see that family again is a long time. Aka: A long time for me to forget details! After I’ve completed my session, I go home and open the program I use to do all my invoicing, project building, bookkeeping etc. There I open that family (or couple’s) project and go to the notes section of their file. I type in things that are significant about the family (what the husband does, what sports the kids play, pets names etc) so that the next time I hopefully get to take their family photos I can click open the notes section and refresh my memory!

Not only does that help generate quality questions the next time I see them (How is your job at ______? Are you still enjoying it? What’s new with _______?) but it also instantly refreshes the connection between each family and is a solid foundation to continue building friendships. I promise it will help you, helps your memory, helps build what you started the previous year! It takes a couple minutes but will make a profound impact on your business! Give it a try….

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