And With It, Change | Justin + Kelsey

In the quiet of the evening, where the golden sun fell and faded closer to the horizon, they breathed in deep. Behind them days upon days of what they knew. Just the two of them to call family. But before them something beautiful. A new season.

Autumn leaves of cinnamon and ginger and spice still clung to the trees and yet in this lovely contradiction the layer of white snow enriched the scene.

Two seasons equally beautiful coming together to create something captivating.

Much like their life right now.

The season of marriage with just man and wife. Rich and rooted. Brilliant and breathtaking. And the season in front of them. A young life entrusted to them to be layered on top of what already was for something even more incredible, more wonderful.

It’s hard to comprehend.
But it’s true…..oh is it true.

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