Bruce + Sarah Wedding | Wild Cliff Events

There was nothing ordinary about this day.

Emerald waters danced behind them. Jade and olive and sage diamond tipped tides moved separately–yet gloriously together–in a display of breathtaking beauty. The waters pushed and pulled ever so slightly breathing life to the lake behind them.

The cliffs were tinted hues of softened chestnut and sprinkled with cinnamon. High and jagged and enchanting.

On the other side of the cliffs there was a dock and a round arch featuring florals–but most importantly–underneath, a bride and groom.

They seemed spellbound by the other.
Captivated by love.
Ready in every sense to give the other their lives.

Blessed by family and surrounded by friends they read their vows. Softly the words echoed from their lips, floating across the lake and back to their hearts.

A single day seemed breathed into a real life fairytale.
But it was real.
And it was theirs.

Their magical, charming, tender tale of love.

Vendors I had the Joy of Working With:
Venue | Wildcliff Wedding & Events
Caterer | Peach Tree
Videographer | Ben Ahn