Hallie Kaye In Studio Newborn Session

Sometimes we don’t understand the pain in the journey we’ve walked or the grief we’ve endured along the way. Sometimes we have stories where we’ve braved great loss and journeyed through great agony.

And sometimes there is the beauty of life on the other side.
Not that one life will ever replace the other…but beauty indeed.

Kelsie, today marks the first birthday of your third baby. The one who didn’t breathe on this side of the womb, but who you held and loved deeply while you carried it. I will never truly be able to grasp what you lived through my friend…but I battled with you on my knees, crying with you and for you and weeping your loss. Countless prayers I lifted on your behalf, prayers of comfort and peace and refuge only found in our Fathers arms.

And prayers for this child as well.

Hallie Kaye.
Your fourth child.

Your life is a gift dear one.
Your mother a warrior who will love you fiercely and tenderly all at once.
Your siblings (all of them) beside you and with you and forming you into the child you are and will become.
Your dad a rock.
Your story truly beautiful.

To take these photos was a time of remembering…and of celebrating.
And I thought it only appropriate to share them today, on a day that hold such meaning.

I love you all.