Photographer in Kansas City | The Merrills

Hidden behind the hills and there within the ever changing trees was a quiet path tucked away for only those who stopped to look close enough. I think often those are the ones who find spectacular pleasure in ordinary joys.

A little hand in yours as your feet walk on a footpath that might lead to nowhere. But it didn’t matter because the path wasn’t the purpose, or really even the destination, it was the ones you love beside you and the emotions of now that beckoned you closer in that will dance on in your memory.

The curls of his blonde hair.
The laughter that lit up his whole face.
The way he flew in the air while the arms of the one you love catch the miracle you call your son.

And you stop and take it all in…as you should.
A simple night with spectacular moments you usher deeper into your memory.

The last breath of sunshine exhaled the beauty of another day. The sky hazy and soft welcoming the birds that decorated it to quiet now and sleep till morning light.

This life and the small, seemingly insignificant, most humble moments are a gift.
A gift I think…only for those who stop to look close enough.

There’s truly nothing quite like having the opportunity as a photographer in Kansas City to photograph a woman who’s outflow of life matches the depth of beauty true on the inside as well. Annie has been a friend who shared paralleled seasons of waiting and longing for a child as my own. She was a prayer warrior and gift to me. She was present and a safe place to confide.

So it’s my hope and prayer that these photos will be testaments to God’s goodness and kindness. That they would be visual reminders hung within their home of a God who bends to listen and is able to breathe life. Remember what He has done.

Being a photographer in Kansas City isn’t just a beautiful photo (although I hope it’s that). It’s something much deeper. A photo that tells a story. And when one then two then three photos are woven together over time, they begin to create a visual tapestry of the roads that you’ve walked that has led you to the place you stand now.

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