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Much of parenthood is found in the little moments. The drawing close, the holding, the stopping, the listening, the bending down to their level and seeing. It’s the gentle touch wiping away tears, the knowing what they need and then moving to help. Simple acts that often seem small, but each one combined with the last molding lives and souls.

Parenthood…one of the hardest, sweetest, most vulnerable, refining callings. A daily giving of yourself for them. And often when you find yourself at the end of your strength or your patience or your wisdom, that’s where the greatest Father reminds you (who is His child) that He will become those things for you.

There are some families I get a glimpse of those things…and this was one of them.
The evening was sweet and filled with light and love. A quiet spot where the rest of the world left this little piece of heaven untouched. Golden light filtered through the tall grass and landed on golden hair. Tiny touches and big laughs. Beauty in the small (gloriously big) things.

Destiny and I met in the craziest, only God could have brought us together, kind of way. Michael, Asher and I were biking in our neighborhood to the park when we quite literally intersected paths with Destiny walking there with her sweet littles. We chatted for a minute about the bike carrier we were using and I think at that moment God must have been smiling knowing what was to come.

When we arrived at the park we ended up talking and to our sweet surprise we found a friend in one another in ways that left us a bit dumbfounded. Are you ready?

The more we talked, we found out that we both grew up in Colorado (and the same city, Castle Rock no less!) They were about to vacation in Grand Lake (where we visit every year because my parents have a mountain house there). She was checking out a bible study at…wait, guess where? Our church. Her husband graduated from the same university (in the same year) that I did. In Virginia! Like I said….God quite literally dropped a sweet new friend in my lap. Since then we’ve had play dates with the kids and gone on evening walks around our neighborhood. When I was sick, Destiny dropped off a muffin at my doorstep and we discovered a great love for all thing Half Baked Harvest.

Destiny, what a joy to continue to get to know you! To photograph your beautiful family and watch you parent with grace and love. Thank you for your presence in my life. I’m grateful God placed us both on that path to the park that day and gifted us a new friendship. The beginning to something sweet.

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