Tori + Luke Wedding

There’s nothing quite like the not just watching–but documenting for generations the lives of two coming together who are as kind and pure and loving as Tori and Luke. There’s something unbelievably beautiful about meeting two souls whose heartbeats in unison.

Their love for Jesus.
Their love for people.
Their love for one another.

Ask any one of their guests and those three things would be mentioned with a smile.

Tori and Luke, after a whole day on my feet, instead of exhausted I left your wedding filled. Tori’s easy laughter dusting the room with magic. Luke’s kindness and care for the people around him. Friends full of fun and joy and celebration. Two families supporting these two as they begin a life together.

Thank you, you two.
Thank you for entrusting these sacred, precious moments to me.
…And the best part is…this is only the beginning of the beauty to come.