Jacob + Julia | Wedding at The Bardot

It wasn’t just the details thoughtfully planned and executed or the fine points that were elevated and refined. Although they had both those things.

It wasn’t just the elegance and grace that was so becoming or the beauty that was a dream made reality that drew everyone in who attended their wedding.

It was them.

The way smiled at the down pouring of rain that threw off their ceremony plans. The way they embraced every aspect of the details of a day they called theirs, no matter if it wasn’t exactly as they thought it would be. It was how without hesitation they grabbed umbrellas and went outside for photos that would mark the memories of their wedding. It was the way they loved their friends and loved each other.

It was her laugh, her smile.
It was his eyes, his touch.

It was the tears that revealed the depth of gratitude for the other in their lives.
Their day was fun and beautiful and elegant.

It was them.