Shawnee Mission Maternity Session | White

There is something enchanting and endearing about evolving together alongside the one you love. The anticipation of a journey so different and new, so breathtaking and challenging and more rewarding than anything you’ve ever experienced on the horizon. And side by side and hand in hand you journey towards it.

It adds this layer of depth to the person you knew so intimately. The eagerness of what lies ahead reflected in their own eyes. Dreams and anticipations of what is to come as your family grows, as you two grow individually and together wrapped up and woven in these new roles as parents. It’s incredible.

And this specific evening as the magic of Fall light fell on their hair and illuminated the changing world around them, they looked at one another and smiled as they shared with me what they were most looking forward to as parents. And I smiled back as I assured them it was indeed the best, most rewarding, incredible thing they were about the embark on. (Yet somehow I think they already knew that).

Two becoming three.
A family formed.
A miraculous, beautiful journey ahead….not just of the little one they’ll soon hold, but of the people they become along the way.

Angela and I met last year at our beautiful bride’s wedding (I was the photographer and she was the coordinator). So what a joy to reconnect and be a part of creating her own Shawnee Mission maternity session for her own precious images to cherish of this sweet season of becoming parents. And that’s one of my favorite things about my job. These relationships. These stories. These lives I get to intertwine with. Angela, you are one breathtaking mama to be! I am so excited for you and Chris! Parenthood is the best adventure you’ll ever take…and you get to take it side by side! Thank you for entrusting me with memories of this milestone!

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(Dress borrowed from The Client Wardrobe)