Leawood Lifestyle Session | Shireman

In the world of go and more and do there is a serene solace found at home. A refuge and safe place. Where little lives are molded and loved, cared for and kept. It’s within those walls where families are found and shaped. Where small moments mean everything and imagination run wild.

It’s here where first steps are taken and glances are exchanged between parents in moments where you can’t quite find the words of joy or pride or gratitude but you know the other one understands. It’s where twirls happen in the kitchen, meals are shared around the table and memories you’ll grasp forever are formed.

There’s no place quite like home and no happiness quite like sharing it with the ones you love.

I had the joy of meeting Hannah a few years ago now (before either of us had kids!) She was a mutual friend and agreed to be a model in a styled shoot I was collaborating with. There are those people you meet and instantly feel the joy resonating from them. Hannah was one of those people! She has an ease about her and an energy that fills the room.

Thank you Hannah and Stephen for welcoming me into your gorgeous home and entrusting me to photograph your at home session in Leawood! You both have an incredible eye for design, a sweet way with your kids and a welcoming spirit. And goodness those two littles of yours are adorable! My hope is that these photos would remind you of the joy in everyday moments and gift that surrounds you within these walls.

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