Kansas City Family Photography | Mueller

There in the final breath of another day, warmth washed over them and light spilled into the fields of the little nook they found themselves. A place tucked away and easily passed by.

But there is something special about places like this. Places where no one watches and you can just be. Be present with the people you love most. Be intentional. Be quiet. Life seems to slow and just like the breath of the day exhaling…you find yourself doing the same.

This family you’ve dreamt about.
This life you’ve longed for.
All of it…it’s here.
Directly in front of you.

The little legs that are learning to stand. The little eyes, little mind that watches you, mimics you. The little arms that wrap around your neck or nozzle deep into your chest. A kiss on top of the head. A strong arm around your waist. You realize in these moments that these are the things that matter most.

Right here, in the light filled field.
Right here, your family.

Right from the start, I knew I was going to like Courtney. She has this personality about her, one that immediately makes you feel welcomed in and known. Being a Kansas City family photographer is one of my greatest joys because it intersects my path with families like hers. There was this sweet unity about them, a kindness and gentleness.

We had to reschedule our session once and oh my, the final product was worth it! Our reschedule date ended up being a beautiful sixty degree day! There was light everywhere! Breathtaking, warm, illuminating the scene. Days like those with people like these? It doesn’t get much better.

Courtney and Kyle, thank you for allowing me to be a part of remembering this sweet season you’re in with your much longed for son. My hope is that you’ll cherish these images and remember the gift in your arms for years to come.

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