Overland Park Maternity Photographer | Kelly

When days feel like a dream…this dream you’ve been living, with life inside your womb. It’s surreal really. But as tiny feet kick, the movement reminds you it’s real. So beautifully real.

And as they do you anticipate what’s to come, you close your eyes at the miracle of it all. Your hand softly rests onto of your stomach and you realize soon your arms will be as full as your heart is now. You’ll see their face, look into their eyes. You’ll memorize their lines and curves and tiny nose. Their small fingers will wrap around yours…and there’s nothing like it.

In the quiet of the night when it’s dark and things are still, you’ll hold them and rock. Maybe sing the song your mom sang to you. The life once inside you, now close to your chest.

It’s a dream really.
The best, most wonderful, extraordinary dream you’ll ever live.
And you’re living it now.

Over a year and a half ago now Ryan reached out telling me he was planning on proposing to this girlfriend and asked if I could be there (hidden of course) to capture the moment. I love when men go out of their way to show their love in action! So I sat on a bench with Michael, camera in hand, pretending to be preoccupied while I watched them walk up to the place Ryan told me they’d be hand in hand as he dropped to one knee.

It was sweet and a joy to be the one entrusted to help them relive that memory.

And so when they reached out to inquire about The Milestone Package, telling me they were expecting their first little one, you know I was ecstatic! Another incredible opportunity to be a part of celebrating with them…again, camera in hand.

Sarah and Ryan, I’m so excited to get to photograph the growth of your family and son! Four sweet sessions over the course of his first year of life! Marriage was wonderful and now onto the next chapter…and I promise, it just keeps getting sweeter!

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