Bringing Your Dog to Your Session?

I absolutely LOVE when families ask to bring their dogs to their session! They are truly part of the family, not to mention they bring a whole lot of love and fun to your final gallery! 

When my clients and I chat through what this will look like, there are three key tips to a stress free experience including your dog. Knowing these will relax you during your session and give you peace of mind after that your images will be breathtaking.

  1. (…And arguably the most important…) Invite an extra set of hands to your session!
    If there’s one tip I want you to remember, it’s this one! Asking someone who isn’t going to be in the photos is important for two reasons. First, they will be available to hold the leash when we aren’t including your dog in the session. This releases any stress that you might have and allows you to not constantly check on your dog (tied to a tree or locked in the car) while also trying to smile at the camera to hold your kids. Knowing your pup is walking around, safe and on a leash, lets your relax and enjoy the rest of your session with your family. Second, when your dog is in the photo, having another person to stand right behind me and call your dogs name while I snap photos and focus on your kids or your stray hair helps make sure we get that winning shot!

2. Treats, treats & more treats!!!
I always remind families to pack their bag with your dog’s favorite treat! (Who doesn’t like to be rewarded?) They get the dogs attention and help us get them to listen quickly and obey while we still have your toddler’s smiles as well. Sometimes I’ll hold the treat above my camera as I shoot, sometimes we’ll have the extra friend hold them. Sometimes I’ll have your little one take a treat for some sweet shots between the two of them or licks from your dog to your kids. Pack the treats….then pack some more!

3. Bring a black, tan or neutral leash a collar!
This tip seems silly, but I promise it will make a huge difference in your final gallery! Instead of friends and family swooning over your photos, the first thing they’ll notice will be a bring pink collar or lime green leash. That’s the last thing we want! The magic is in the details, and small things like being certain the focus of the photo is on your toddler is accomplished by intentionally removing the distraction of the brightly colored collar.

If you have other questions about bringing your dog, please don’t hesitate to ask!!! I love including them in family sessions because…let’s be honest, is it really a family photo without them?

Enjoy a few more galleries of past clients with their dogs!
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