Dear Mom of Multiple Littles

You just want beautiful, natural moments with your kids…and smiling would be ideal. I get it (I want those same things too when we have our family photos taken!)

As a photographer who has done this for over a decade now, the stress of making that happen for you as a mom with multiple littles is gone…and you want to know why? I enter the special time I get with your family as just that. A gift. A time I get to help let loose the personalities of your kids (I want to see it all!) If your toddler has energy, let them run through the fields…I promise that’ll make him smile. If your four year old is shy, let them cuddle into you because that’s how you’ll remember this season anyway.

It’s always my aim to be fully present, engaging with you AND your kids. Your kids want to be seen as much as you do…and often when they feel heard and known, meltdowns happen less. And sometimes they’re undeniable but it doesn’t phase me anymore with a little one of my own. So mom of multiple littles, relax. Take a deep breath. Special moments and sweet smiles are on the way. Below are four of my favorite photo session tips for moms with multiple kids!

  1. We take a moment to pause. Let them have a break. If dad is holding the little one who needs a minute, I pull mom and the other sibling off and take the time to photograph them. Pausing is always better than trying to push the kids through (and most of the time they’re good to go in about five minutes).
  2. We get down on their level and take a minute to watch them, see what they’re engaged in. Let them wonder. Sometimes that’s all it takes—letting the kids take the lead and the tears stop.
  3. We eat snacks, because sometimes all we all need is just a little bit of food
  4. We play! I am (sometimes embarrassingly) silly with kids! And you know what? I don’t mind looking like a fool for a good laugh! Kids love play and I’ve found natural play get some of the best smiles!

So moms with multiple littles who might be nervous for your upcoming session…be at ease, I promise you’ll get a gallery full of organic, beautiful moments you’ll love for a lifetime.