Benedict Family | A Cozy Winter Shoot

Let’s rewind. I’m going to take you all the way back to 2009. Back to one of the very first shoots that I did (and yes, you guessed it! It was for Tom and Crystal). I had just graduated high school. Photography was just a passion. There were no aspirations for it becoming a business, no dreams of what it’d turn into—just me and a tiny flicker of life that burned when I had the camera in my hands. But I believe that God knows every inch of every step of every path our lives will take. And this particular scenario was no different.

That was the beginning. The start to something only God knew what it’d become. Sometimes I sit and wonder at how wonderful His purposes, His plans are. How intricate His workings. Sometimes I can’t even comprehend how He knows our lives, how He lays out good and perfect plans. It leaves me in awe.

I’m so grateful that the beginning of my photography story starts with these two. And that it got to continue with them as well. With Tom who makes everyone at ease and quick to laugh. With Crystal who is the embodiment of a sweet spirit and endearing attitude. They were two people I looked up to back in high school….and after getting to spend the evening with them, I can say nothing has changed! When Michael and I went home a couple weeks ago to celebrate an early Christmas with my family, the Benedict’s asked if I would do a shoot for them! My answer was YES!!! Yes one hundred times!! I was literally giddy after their shoot! Giddy because of the location. Giddy because of the people I got to take pictures of. Giddy because of the snow, because of the love, because of the charm!!

Tom, Crystal (yes even you Elliott and little brother…) I’m so thankful for you. For your influence in my life. For the way God used you at the beginning of my business to encourage, to cheer on. For how He continues to use you! For weaving our stories together again and again. It’s beautiful. And exciting. And intriguing. And I can’t wait to see what God has next for us all…

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