A Stone Cottage Fairytale Maternity Session | Jake + Ashley

We hardly saw another sole the whole session. It seemed perfect really. Soft canary yellow wall cut outs. Cobblestone cottages overgrown with greenery. The sky cautioned the chance of its shower, but in an act of  hospitality as we wandered through this secret place, it resolved to hold off.

He wore a hunter green shirt and she wore jeans and ankle boots. Her hair was long and straight and beautiful. We talked and laughed and knew this would be the last time they would take pictures as just a family of two. Her face held all the joy and gentle grace of the title she knew she was about to become…a mother. He watched her, whispered in her ear, placed his hand on their child. “You love this…” he said to her. Her lips curved up softly. “Yes.”

We roamed from the cottages to an open field. The outfit she changed into was nothing less than perfect. A long white maxi dress and delicate floral crown on her head. She encompassed a loveliness that seemed to bloom as she looked down at their daughter growing within, waiting to make an entrance into the world. There they twirled and turned and twisted. His hand above her, there to hold her. We ended in a rose garden. Pink blossoms encircled us. The sky was darkening, yet the round accents of color cheered the scene. As our session closed, there seemed to be a serene tranquility in the air. Soothing. Still. I climbed into my car and placed my camera bag on the passenger seat beside me. There it safely held their memories. And as I drove slowly away, a slow patter began on my windshield. Then fell harder still. It was like that pocket of time was reserved for us, for them. It was waiting to hold the moments paused from time. Carlsen. Family of three.
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