Downtown Parkville with the Pups | Hawkins Family

I was thinking tonight about how small my world would be if it weren’t for this wonderful business and the incredible people that it brings into my life! All the people I wouldn’t get to meet and all their stories I wouldn’t get to be a part of! It made me stop for a bit to take it in…to realize the lives that have touched me along the way!! The friendships that I’ve gotten to build! Oh, I can’t get over how thankful I am!!!!

One of the most recent lives I’ve gotten to intersect paths with was Chris and Melissa, and the chain reaction began with another! A few months ago I had the joy (absolute JOY!) of being a part of Alex and Michelle’s wedding day! (SEE IT HERE!) Their entire wedding party, their families, their guests were the kind of people who made me forget about the ache in my feet after a 9+ hour day shooting. They were welcoming, fun, engaging! I loved them all!! And you know who was there? Yep. You guessed it!! Melissa, Michelle’s older sister!!! So I knew when the night of the Hawkins family pictures rolled around I was going to enjoy every second!! And it 1000% did!!

Chris, Melissa, their pups Millie and Henry as well as Mike (Melissa’s dad….AKA: the best keeper of the K-9’s around….I promised him I’d say that!) 😉 met up one warm Fall evening in downtown Parkville!!! Melissa had the most stylish white skinny jeans, faded jean shirt and nude heels on that if I’m being honest, I wanted to steal! 😉 When we arrived Melissa was beaming! She was eager to talk, anxious to begin taking pictures! She had such an infectious energy about her!!!! We eased into conversation as we walked towards the hidden yellow wall covered in hanging greenery and beautiful vines! There, family of four, they stood. Anyone who looked at them knew without a doubt they belonged! We walked to downtown Parkville where the golden reflection in the local storefronts glowed almost as much as Melissa! Their pups followed them to the perfect red door and white trim where they kissed!

Chris was the perfect compliment to Melissa. Quiet, but engaging. Easy to talk to, but an equally great listener. We arrived down by the river where a warm, vibrant glow lit up the edges of her floppy hat. These memories. These people. These friends. More stories, more experiences that I get to remember and be a part of! And after one more night….my joy swells again….

colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0001 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0002 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0003 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0004 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0005 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0006 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0007 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0008 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0009 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0010 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0011 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0012 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0013 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0014 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0015 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0016 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0017 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0019 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0020 colorful-downtown-family-session-with-dogs-at-english-landing-park-parkville_0021

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