A Secret Garden Inspired Maternity Shoot | Jessica + Jared at Unity Village

Beautiful solitude.

Not completely alone, but alone with the only other person in the world who had her heart. That might be the best kind. Alone in this corner of the world. This corner filled with aged cobblestones, rusty orange leaves and romantic golden glow. Alone and reflecting on the new life that would soon be included in their moment.

Jayden. Their son.

His mothers eyes were brown and exquisite. Deep and thoughtful. She walked with a kind of grace and allure that seemed to dust the ground with magic. Jared held the bottom portion of her long lace dress. He held it with a sweet mixture of love and chivalry and as he did he also held her gaze. Mother to his son in a number of days that gradually decreased before their eyes. Dancers. The both of them. I wonder if the same love of the arts will be intrinsic in this new life’s blood…

Fall enveloped us–both in beauty and spirit. Trees full of glory. Entrancing to look at, to take in each detail. Cottages here and there with well-worn white walls and faded ruby trim. Vines grew on the sides like arms embracing the home as a part of nature now. Jessica’s sheer lace sleeves were delicate against her flawless skin. Her floral crown adorned her long dark hair. This—this the complete picture of beauty.
Of motherhood.
Of expectation.

This the complete picture of new life. New hope.
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