A Moody, Fearless High School Senior Session | Sarah at Prairie Fire in Kansas City

She was as sweet as they come.

After just a few fading moments, she was there. No longer shy but beautiful and bold and confident. She had a spirit that invited friendship, a quick smile that appeared on her face at a moments notice. Lips painted a deep vibrant red, eyes colored a light winsome blue and a building behind her that cast every vivid hue in between. She was anything but ordinary.

Her laugh whisked through the crisp air. She was dynamic and sensitive. Like she had done this all before, she fell into place in front of my lens with such ease. She had a lively, sparkling way about her. Much like the building behind her angled this way and that. Deep magentas and firey oranges. Blues that made you feel like you were on the ocean floor. Squares and rectangles and triangles that made you fight your eyes for perspective. Reflections of her flashed on the left and the right–but nothing quite like the real thing in the middle. This was her start to her end to her new chapter. Her moment. And as her vivid character painted this night and my memories, I knew without a doubt she would do the same in the beautiful white canvas of life that was before her.
colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0007 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0008 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0009 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0010 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0011 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0012 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0013 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0014 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0015 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0016 colorful-senior-pictures-kansas-city-prairie-fire_0017

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