Romantic Maternity Photos at Belvoir Winery | Alden

Gold dusted the fields in which they walked. Delicately spread just so. And when the sinking light hit it just right, the world around them became a magical place.

A place where mother and father and brothers–where soon to be daughter–all stood and in hand. In an enchanted moment. Ordinary–yet strangely extraordinary. Rolling fields behind them softly called them into a world their own. Natural tones and soft florals accented the scene. He played with his sons, raced them, opened wide his arms and hugged them. The kind only a loving father can give. Her eyes were as kind as her heart. Beautiful, silent windows to the authentic woman everyone knew her to be. She knelt to hold her sons and glanced down to her daughter within, tilting her head just so as her loose curls fell over her shoulder. They too held the magic of the moment. The reflection of the warm sun on each strand.

In a matter of weeks she would meet her brothers, be held by her father and sung to by her mother.

But until then, the love so vast, so infinite in the four people that would welcome her into the world, filled the night. This night.