What To Do If Your Timeline Falls Behind | For the Wedding Photographer

If you’ve been a wedding photographer for long, I don’t have to tell you that it’s a rare (and beautiful) thing for a timeline to NOT get off! Included in my wedding package is a custom wedding timeline that I create specifically for each of my couples. I do this because I deeply desire each of my couples to have the most smooth and most enjoyable experience on their wedding day! By creating a timeline, everyone is on the same page (SEE POST HERE) and working towards the same goal during each section of the day. But what happens when your brides wedding timeline gets off? Because this happens more than a smooth sailing day…..

  1. Always, Always, Always Remain Calm 
    Everything inside you is going to be scrambling. Adrenaline will be rushing and your mind will be racing because even if the timeline delay wasn’t your fault, you’ll be the one that people will be looking to for instruction. I always recommend stepping outside of the room, away from earshot from anyone in the wedding party or remotely involved the wedding. You might be nervous but don’t let anyone see or hear about it. Your demeanor will determine everyone else’s.
  2. Prepare Beforehand 
    As I create and design each wedding timeline, I always leave buffer room because I expect the timeline to get off. Do I want that to happen? Absolutely not. Do I think it most likely will? Absolutely. By leaving cushions I automatically know that I have a backup plan. And what if all cushion time gets used? Read on…
  3. Craft a Plan
    Sounds more simple than it is. I know. Once you’re completely out of cushion time and you need to start making some decisions, begin asking yourself questions like, “Can I switch two sections of the timeline?” “Can we stay in one place to minimize travel time?” “What are ‘must have’ pictures?” “How much light do I have left?” These are key questions that will greatly determine how you rearrange and reschedule the day.
  4. Smile 
    And maybe above all else—smile. Smiling reassures your bride (and the mother of the bride) that everything will be okay. That you’ve got this. That you’re going to roll with it. Smiling sets people at ease. Move quick–but smile. Be prompt in your posing–but smile. Be verbal with the new game plan–but smile.

    The timeline is more than likely bound to get off but if you follow these four steps I promise they’ll make your life 100x easier when it does!

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