One Game Changer Before Every Family Session

As a part of my business workflow, after a family books me for a session I send out a variety of forms, contracts & questionnaires. I’ve created templates within the system I use so that it takes no time at all to get these essentials to my clients!

One of the first things that I send them is a questionnaire. While most of the information is just basic questions for their file, there is one section on my form that I will never take off!

I have my clients list the names of everyone in their family as well as their ages. It seems like a trite thing to do but here’s why.

Once I receive the questionnaire back, I pull out my iPhone calendar where I keep track of all sessions that are booked with the dates, times & locations. I click on the event I’ve created for that specific family (we’ll call them the Smiths). Then instead of the event just being: “Smith Family Session” I go in and enter each family members name in order of their age. So here’s what it might look like from parents down to kids: Dave, Julie, John & Ann.

As I wait for my clients to arrive the day of their session I memorize everyone’s name. It’s simple, but it makes a world of difference! Then when kids start jumping out of the car I say things like, “John, you’re looking sharp!” Or “Ann! Look how pretty your hair is!” Right from the start I’ve begun connecting with the family! The kids are put at ease and when I start shooting I can direct by using everyone’s name! It’s a game changer! If you don’t believe me, try it at your next session…I dare you.

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