The Kind of People | Chris + Kelle Wedding

Chris and Kelle are the kind of people you hope your life intersects with. They are easy going, kind and caring. They are down to earth. They are thoughtful, warm and a joy to be around. And this was so evident throughout their wedding day. They decided to get married on their land—pond behind them and rolling acres stretched out in front of them. This was where they had started their life together and this was where they would start this new chapter of husband and wife.

They didn’t care much about traditional detail shots but instead wanted group pictures of them and their guests.

They didn’t have a large bridal party but instead Kelle’s mom and Chris’ dad were there by their side.

They didn’t have first dances but instead made sure that they spent time with their friends and family.

Their guests were a delight to talk to. Their atmosphere was laid back. Their day and timeline so unlike many other weddings I’ve shot.

But that’s what I love.
Each couple writes their own story, has their own vision. And each couple allows me to be a part of it.

Kelle and Chris, thank you for welcoming me into this small (but beautifully significant) part of your story….

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