First, Last, Forever Love | Allison + Matthew

One day…years ago in high school…their love began. Something small. Something beautiful. I wonder if then they knew this incredible thing it would become?

Their first love.

As their story played on, their lives moved apart….but then exquisitely and with intricate detail, they moved back together again. It wasn’t long till they discovered that this…this love they’d found again…would be their last. Their forever.

He was genuine. Strong. She was heartfelt and found joy in all things. And together…they were something breathtaking.

No big wedding.
No hundred details.

Just a man and a woman who knew they wanted to be married.

So they cancelled their plans, called their close friends and family and committed their lives to each other one quiet evening with their pastor.

The next day we took these photos.
The first day of their forever….

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