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I truly don’t know where to begin. Amy is a creator, encourager and supporter. She sees vision like almost no one I’ve ever met. She is passionate about her work and passionate about the people she works with.

It’s been a true joy to not only craft alongside her but get to call this incredible woman my friend. I care deeply about each of my clients…their experience, their vision, their wedding and all the steps and emotions it takes to get there. So when I add someone to my referral list, I do so knowing without a doubt that whoever I add will care for my brides to the same standard of love.

Amy easily found her way to the list.

And did I mention the beauty that works it’s way from her fingertips?? Knowing blossoms and textures and color pallets, she is a master of her craft. It’s my absolute honor to get to introduce you to Amy, owner of Victorian Gardens!

How did you get your start in Gardening/Floral? 
I started playing with flowers in fields on the farm where I grew up.  My grandmother taught me about herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers. I loved listening to my grandmother tell me about the natural benefits of plants. Her stories helped me understand that every plant has a purpose, and was created for a reason.  Now, everything I touch reminds me of her and the value of life she instilled in me. When I graduated from high school, I had saved up enough money to go to a Seattle floral school, but before making that commitment I received a call from a local grocery store looking to train someone in floral design. I spent 5 years with them training and learning the business. During those 5 years, I realized I preferred weddings and event. So I left and began Victorian Gardens Floral Design.

Was Floral Design something that you always wanted to do? 
I recall at the age of seven picking wildflowers and bringing them in to place them in a drinking glass fiddling with them until they look just right. My Mother saying “ you might grow up and do that for a living” I remember laughing and saying back “no one would pay for me to play with flowers”… That always stuck with me. 

What is your favorite part about what you do?  
I love fine tuning designs to project the personalities of each client. Meeting and working with them is a process and that process builds a relationship to help me with that vision. In the end it’s like adding each one into our family.

If there is one thing that you could tell your clients (or future clients) what would it be and why?
Trust us… Our many, many any years of doing this has not made us old-school but increases our knowledge of tips and tricks of the trade to save our clients headaches and expenses that are not needed. We are not just a supplier of flowers in containers but a vast data bank of expertise. Just sit down with us and pick our brain and we can help your day flow seamless.  

Why did you decide to be a grower/designer? 
Because of my background in gardening and my desire to use unique garden grown blooms, I resisted traditional flower shops methods and fought with what was not considered floral approved product. Working in a seasoned flower shop and bringing in my garden grown greenery, vines and blooms was frowned upon. I was told, “These are not what we are to use”. I just didn’t understand what was wrong with garden grown. At that point I decided to leave and start Victorian Gardens Floral Design on my own. Laughed at and scoffed, I was told “no one would want something that looks old and antique like”. But, 10 years later, struggling and fighting the norm, the vintage garden grown style finally became acceptable. The name Victorian Gardens came from the “Victoria Magazines” that always graced my grandmothers coffee tables. I would look thorough the glossy pages and dream of escaping to the beautiful gardens that I felt I was born too late for.

How long have you been doing Victorian Gardens? 
I started my company in June of 1998 so 22 years now.

Where were you born and what brought you to Kansas City?
 I was born in North Kansas City and raised in Smithville, MO. Although my parents moved us to Kansas City we still spend a lot of time on my grandparents farms.

On your days off, what is your favorite way to spend your time? 
I love my gardens, any chance to get my hands in the dirt make me very happy. I also love spending time with other creatives tasks and brainstorming new ideas.

What are three adjectives that you would use to describe yourself? 
Creative, Passionate, and Driven

Where is your dream vacation? 
Anywhere outside!  I love the desert, the mountains, the sea, and everywhere in-between. My husband knows that if there’s a garden nearby then I’m going to want to stop and smell the roses.  I’ll try not to pick the flowers. 

What is your favorite thing about living in Kansas City? 
Exploring our city’s hidden garden gems.  We have beautiful city parks that are rich with design, but we also have areas around the city to escape to and enjoy the natural beauty.

If you were given the option of coffee, tea or pop what would it be? 

Coffee, then tea.  I could do without pop. I don’t understand the enjoyment of a sugar drink that burns as you “enjoy” it.

What was your major in college? 
Although I went to college, I really got side tracked in my hobby becoming my carrier. 

What other hobbies do you have?  
Other hobbies? I didn’t know there was anything else.  But really, I do enjoy serving my community. I help my church with food drives, greeting new guest and making them feel at home as well as special events for families, like our annual carnival and other activities. 

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