Six Month Milestone | Joseph

There is something about the bond of family, no matter the distance that separates. The strength in love intertwined together with the consistency they’ll have in your life is a gift not taken lightly. There’s this deep knowledge that they’ll always be present…sometimes in spirit when ocean separate.

And then there are those precious seasons in life where family in spirit and soul and body are there alongside you in the flesh. Able to cherish these moments of new motherhood alongside you, eager like you are to watch your son grow.

Their hands help swaddle and rock while their lips encourage your heart and hush your baby’s. They take in the everyday moments knowing one day they’ll be oceans a part again….but this, this segment in time will forever be one you lived out side by side together.

With family.

Sarah and Bruce are two people so special to me. I had the joy of photographing their beautiful wedding at Wildcliff Events over two years ago now. It overflowed with hospitality, love for people and love for Jesus. If you ever wondered what it was like to see a couple care so deeply about their friends and family…it’s these two.

Then earlier this year I had the joy of being welcomed into their beautiful home for their in home maternity session. Watching them grow not only as a couple, but as a family has been such a gift. So when Sarah mentioned that her parents would be into from overseas and wondered if they could be involved in Joseph’s six month milestone studio session–it was a resounding yes on my end! (After meeting her parents I had no doubt where her kind, caring soul came from).

This session was something special indeed.
Bruce and Sarah, I love your family. Thank you for entrusting your precious memories of this season to me.

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(Dress borrowed from The Client Wardrobe)