October 14, 2021

On the hill, tucked away and quiet, sat a chapel. And around that chapel, there were trees rustling, whispering of Fall. A thousand leaves showed hints of cinnamon and traces of clove beginning to fringe their edges. Wheat grew tall next to the path as if to welcome, to outline this perfect piece of earth. […]

October 12, 2021

The way her hair fell loose, soft, smooth around her small frame settling onto her gown. The cool whispers of Fall like a quiet breath held in the air. The fresh blooms against mist blue dresses.The intricate, ornate ceilings and echos of vows stirring through the church. The words he spoke of his bride. The […]

September 30, 2021

It wasn’t just the life they had as one.It was that no matter what life brought their way, they’d be one. It was walking the mountaintops and traversing the valleys.It was being beside and behind and for each other. It was overcoming the hardships and celebrating the victories. It was life with each turn and […]

September 16, 2021

This sunny Summer day was theirs. Full of life, full of fun and brimming with a spirit of zest.They were easy going and relaxed, free to enjoy the moment, enjoy each step that had brought them here. They savored each other. Savored the sounds of laughter, savored the florals in abundance dancing throughout the room.They […]

September 1, 2021

It was a pure kind of love shared between them.Sincere and honest and true. The way he looked at her, with deep love and profound respect.The way she valued him, with true devotion and lasting faithfulness. It was easy to see not just their love but the love of Another mirrored in their words and […]

August 25, 2021

Where joy is seen and wonder felt.Where rays of sunshine grow from hundreds of golden petals spread full, spread wide watching rays of warmth from above. Where laughter is heard and love is witnessed.Where days a months stop and they just are. Where sisters see the gift of friendship.Where husband and wife understand the strength […]

August 19, 2021

They had this happiness that seemed solely contained within themselves. A spirit of love just to be with each other. There was life.There was laughter.There was vivacity and energy and spirit. The warm Summer light danced among their voices and twirled with notes of delight. Whimsy and play till the final glitters of light flickered […]

August 18, 2021

From far and near they came together.Where heart was home, where family tarried and where rest remained. A family grown to families grown to growing families.Cousins and brothers and sisters.The gift of time filled by the gift of the people beside them. Generations establishing a legacy.Children carrying it out. Laughter danced between them and conversation […]

July 23, 2021

In curious wonder they saw the world.Beautiful and full of light. You could see it in their eyes. Delight in the things they saw.Joy in the pure way they approached life. Three sisters.Content to be with each other and living in the winsome world of childhood. The way it should be.

July 22, 2021

There was this kind of quiet contentment about her.The way she mothered.Loved.Cared. Still and sure of her role.A peace about her. And together as parents of two, there was harmony.Consistency.The perfect kind of give and take. Now they were four.Big sister and little brother and parents too. They were now, they were forever, family.

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