October 7, 2022

Hidden behind the hills and there within the ever changing trees was a quiet path tucked away for only those who stopped to look close enough. I think often those are the ones who find spectacular pleasure in ordinary joys. A little hand in yours as your feet walk on a footpath that might lead […]

October 6, 2022

The sun had slipped softly behind the hills. A Fall evening where gold dusted the treetops and scattered magic below. And it was there we settled in. Where wheat danced with the breeze and tiny hands reached for wide brimmed hats. Where laughter came easy and adventure was everywhere in the eyes of their little […]

September 27, 2022

Lacey Rene Studios is a Kansas City newborn photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, motherhood and family photography. She services mothers with hearts and hands full who long for a stress free experience and printed artwork to share within their homes. I’ve said it before, but for me, it’s about the relationships. I’m always in awe […]

September 23, 2022

There is something so sweet about being a Kansas City newborn photographer. The soft touches and gentle soothing. The look only a parent could give to their child. The tender touches and soft coos. Watching Asha and Kyle care for and hold little one was so natural. Asha, tender and kind. Kyle always ready to […]

September 21, 2022

Hills wide and vast and bordered by mountains magnificent and mighty. Fields upon fields, as far as the eye could see. It was truly beautiful to behold. But there, in the center, was something more breathtaking. A man and a woman in love.Two friends who became more who became man and wife. People who had […]

September 8, 2022

Sometimes we don’t understand the pain in the journey we’ve walked or the grief we’ve endured along the way. Sometimes we have stories where we’ve braved great loss and journeyed through great agony. And sometimes there is the beauty of life on the other side.Not that one life will ever replace the other…but beauty indeed. […]

September 1, 2022

A year of living, learning, becoming.A year of four. A year of personality emerging, of memories occurring in the everyday simple moments that take your breath away. This year.Their year.Her year. // Dress borrowed from The Client Wardrobe. View their first session here or inquire at laceyrene.studios@yahoo.com for more information about booking your own Milestone […]

August 4, 2022

The beautiful moments between who you were and the becoming of who you were created to be. A family growing.A sister in the making.A husband, a wife, a mom, a dad. The holding hands and leading.The soft kisses and tiny toes. This is life.This is beautiful.This is family.

July 26, 2022

The beginning of something new and deeply longed for.The start to a love unknown and unmatched. The birth of their child, their daughter. So tender, so small.So full of answers to prayer. This their home.This their life.This their legacy.

July 25, 2022

Watching families grow.Watching motherhood deepen and sweeten and extend. Watching them, together, love their children with ease.With wonder.With a kind of innate gentleness and knowing guidance. Watching them explore, see the small.Watching them stop and sing and just be. Watching this collection of everyday moments become something breathtaking to treasure for years to come. // […]