August 19, 2021

They had this happiness that seemed solely contained within themselves. A spirit of love just to be with each other. There was life.There was laughter.There was vivacity and energy and spirit. The warm Summer light danced among their voices and twirled with notes of delight. Whimsy and play till the final glitters of light flickered […]

August 18, 2021

From far and near they came together.Where heart was home, where family tarried and where rest remained. A family grown to families grown to growing families.Cousins and brothers and sisters.The gift of time filled by the gift of the people beside them. Generations establishing a legacy.Children carrying it out. Laughter danced between them and conversation […]

July 23, 2021

In curious wonder they saw the world.Beautiful and full of light. You could see it in their eyes. Delight in the things they saw.Joy in the pure way they approached life. Three sisters.Content to be with each other and living in the winsome world of childhood. The way it should be.

July 22, 2021

There was this kind of quiet contentment about her.The way she mothered.Loved.Cared. Still and sure of her role.A peace about her. And together as parents of two, there was harmony.Consistency.The perfect kind of give and take. Now they were four.Big sister and little brother and parents too. They were now, they were forever, family.

July 18, 2021

The Summer sun danced in delight. After delays and setbacks and waits…today was finally their day. Their closest friends and family joined them beneath the clear blue sky ands soft overhang of green trees. White chairs were set up and lined up just so. Today she would become his. Her mermaid lace gown waved in […]

July 16, 2021

The Summer sun danced through her blonde hair and into the eyes that gazed only at him. Her cathedral veil laid softly, perfectly atop her fitted gown. The golden light filled the space they called their day…but even the sun didn’t radiate like her. Open back.Blossoms of white and cream and variegated greens.Lace up the […]

July 15, 2021

A love like this–Free of reserve and eager to share heart, body, soul, mind, dreams and destinations. A love like this–With joy, with wonder, with satisfaction and with delight. A love like this–Open to see the depths of your whole being and willing to walk there with you. A love like this–In it today and […]

July 14, 2021

In morning light, while the world slept, three little brothers ran through field.Energetic and lively and fun. They played and jumped and laughed (as all kids should). They let their imagination tell stories.They were in each moment without pause or hesitation. As they grow and become and mature, they’ll do so with the other two […]

June 25, 2021

Light fell and seasons changed and five became six became seven.As today led to a more full tomorrow and as their family shifted and grew.Together teemed with laughter and memories and wit. It was in these moments, within these stages that they knew–That time was gracious and the family surrounding them was the sweetest gift […]

June 24, 2021

There is a unique kind of love for the ones who waited, who prayed, who yearned and then to one day–in the Lord’s perfect timing–to finally meet. Their day was full.The abounding type. Full of love lavish for the other and lavish life for Him.Full of worship and music and dance.Full of gratitude.Full of grace. […]