June 12, 2020

They met on a blind date where one yes changed the trajectory of their lives. Yes to meeting the other.Yes to a night out. One yes and (without knowing it at the time) their hearts, soul and spirits would never be the same. Just one yes. One yes turned to countless more. Yes to a […]

June 11, 2020

They went back. Back to the beginning.Back to where it began. Back down memory lane and first dates. Back down the path where the feelings started, where friendship turned to care which turned to love. The retraced the steps of their journey and recalled the chapters of the story that made up “them.” They went […]

May 28, 2020

The aura of Summer was being ushered in. Her warm, gentle presence accompanied by the lingering light of the Sun. Together they savored the company of one another. Together with glitter and glow and gleam they mixed and swirled and set forth the atmosphere of a perfect evening. Flowers grew on her long, loose gown. […]

May 27, 2020

Tucked back in the rolling hills where the essence of Spring breathed life to the scene around them, with gratitude and love and anticipation they gathered. Friends and family were there–those intimately a part of their story behind and the one that still lay ahead. The ceremony was simple and the vows they took sincere. […]

May 26, 2020

The world ahead was quiet and quietly full of possibility. Here on the cusp, at the beginning, hand in hand they seized it. Where the magic of everyday radiated from the buildings, to the trees, to the roses and everything in between. Where potential and promise lay around every corner’s edge. The glow of light […]

May 15, 2020

The Spring sun was snug inside the thin gray blanket that covered the sky. Lazy cars speckled the criss-cross roads of downtown. And beneath the slate sky, between the checkered buildings and beside the paved roads there they were. Him and her. Them. Two now but soon married and forever side by side. Quiet conversations.Stolen […]

May 2, 2020

You know those times when God catches you during an unexpected, everyday moment and seems to say, “Sweet child, that happened for you.” Well, let me tell you a story from a seemingly ordinary moment just like that from earlier this week… The rhythm of our morning was like it was most every morning. All […]

April 29, 2020

I truly don’t know where to begin. Amy is a creator, encourager and supporter. She sees vision like almost no one I’ve ever met. She is passionate about her work and passionate about the people she works with. It’s been a true joy to not only craft alongside her but get to call this incredible […]

February 6, 2020

Over time I’ve grown to love choosing a word for the year. For me it’s not haphazard or picked on a whim. In past years I’ve taken intentional time to step back and look at the year past and then look forward at the year to come. I pray and ponder and journal. (And then […]

January 30, 2020

There is no better word, no fuller description or narrative to more accurately illustrate their wedding than this– Joy. Joy in the anticipation and promise of the hours to come. Joy in the moments, the minutes, the mementos that culminated together to create what would be their wedding.Joy in the details that were carefully thought […]

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