Ernie Miller Park | Family Session

These three are some of my favorite people in the world! But for real, they are.

I remember the first time I met Morgan. It was the day of my older sisters wedding! (No joke!) At this point Morgan and Stephen were engaged and to be married in a couple short months. Stephen was a groomsmen and Morgan had accompanied him to the wedding (I know, I know! Our stories are so interwoven!) That morning, my sister was having a bridal brunch before she was to start her make-up and putting on her gown.

Of course, there was an excitement in the air, girls chatting, laughing, enjoying the time together before they were to watch Heather and Gabe say their vows. I sat down with my plate of coffee cake and fruit (to be honest, I can’t really remember if I ate fruit or not, but for the sake of being healthy, let’s just say I did) and turned to the side. There sat Morgan, beautiful big smile and eyebrow ring. (Really! She had one!) And we talked. Conversation came easy, she quickly became a kindred spirit.

Little did I know 1,141 days later she would become my sister-in-law!!!

And Stephen! What a good, caring man of God! It is so amazing to sit back and listen to Michael talk about his older brother. Just this last week in Sunday School Michael was sharing about his brother. How he admires him, looks up to him. How Stephen’s character has helped mold, inspire and shape Michael into the man he has become!

And then these two incredible people had a BABY! (Seriously, one day I think Parker will grow up to find a cure for cancer, or walk on the moon or something!)

I love these three!! I love their hearts, their love. I love that I’m a part of their lives!!

And I love that they’re a part of mine!

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