An Engagment Mini Shoot at English Landing Park | Aaron + Courtney

I absolutely LOVE when little details come together!!!

A couple months ago I ran a Facebook promo/mini session giveaway! I had SUCH an amazing response!! I randomly chose one person who would win the mini shoot—and that person was Courtney!!! I shot her an email letting her know that she was the winner, and that same night she sent me the most enthusiastic, energetic response back! (I still remember sitting on the couch reading it, beaming from ear to ear thinking, “I’m going to like taking her pictures!”) Then I kept reading….she told me what perfect timing this was because she had recently gotten ENGAGED!!

Anytime someone gets engaged I get crazy excited (because let’s face it–it’s an amazing time in life!!!), but then add to that the fact that they were about to get a free mini session–I WAS THRILLED! (I think Courtney and I shared our excitement!!!)

The night we picked to do the pictures was seriously amazing!!! The sun was in the “sweet spot.” Everything was glowing. (Including Aaron and Courtney!) I loved hearing their story, their engagement, getting to know them!!! They were so sweet and easy to work with!!! What a joy to get to take their pictures!!!!

Courtney & Aaron, I wish you both seriously ALL the best as you plan your destination wedding (YAY!) and as you prepare for a lifetime of marriage together!!!!

(ABOVE: I mean seriously–is that not the cutest picture!? And I was dying because of that light!!!)

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