Alex + Michelle | Love’s Warm Winter Engagement Shoot

It was Sunday morning. I rolled out of bed and sleepily squinted as peered out the window. Snow. White and radiant and…unexpected. High’s in the low double digits. Twelve degrees to be exact. “It’s gorgeous,” was my first thought. My next, “but I have a photo shoot tomorrow!!”

I shot an email to Michelle giving her and Alex the option to reschedule for a warmer day. Not this sweet couple!! They were ready to brave the temperatures if I was!! And, oh my soul, am I glad! With hat, scarf and the thickest socks I could find on and accounted for I opened my car door. I was met by Michelle first. She hopped out of her car like the weather was balmy and warm–beautiful smile and gentle disposition. I felt like I had known her for years! After that Alex came around the car–joking and ready for a good time! It was then that I realized if there were any two people that I would want to be out in the cold taking pictures of, it was these two!

They were genuine, down to earth. We talked and together they shared their beautiful, unique story. But they didn’t just share about themselves, they wanted to know about me as well! How refreshing, how thoughtful! Alex and Michelle were fun and considerate and kind! Once again—-how in the WORLD did I get to cross paths with such amazing people!?! (And did I mention crazy photogenic??)

It was cold, but they came armed with hand and foot warmers (and even shared some with me!) We couldn’t feel our toes and we could see our breath–but they made every picture, every second more than worth it!!

A-cozy-winter-engagement-at-parkville-nature-sanctuary-lacey-rene-studios-1.jpg A-cozy-winter-engagement-at-parkville-nature-sanctuary-lacey-rene-studios-2.jpg A-cozy-winter-engagement-at-parkville-nature-sanctuary-lacey-rene-studios-3.jpg

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