Matt + Sarah | A Colorful Urban Engagement Shoot

The first time I met Sarah was at a small hole in the wall bakery. I came with information in hand ready to talk through details of wedding packages and answer any questions that she might have in regards to them. But much to my delight and surprise the “meeting” turned out to be nothing like I imagined! Instead, the majority of the time we sat and drank coffee talking about life and laughing about stories and sharing about ourselves! What I thought was going to be a work get together ended up being a two hour talk over pastries with someone who I felt like had been my friend for a long while!!! And let me tell you—these are hands down my favorite kind of “business” meetings!!!!

The three of us were bracing ourselves for a brutal January engagement shoot, (but again) much to our surprise the forecast was calling for a high of 62 degrees!!! (Is it just me, or am I seeing a theme with this couple??) We met up in the West Bottoms–air fresh and warm, colors bright and whimsical, buildings eccentric and full of character. Add to that Matt’s six foot two laid back, easy going stature and Sarah’s sweet spirit and contagious laugh! I tell you–life was good!! We explored allies, climbed iron steps, walked under pass ways! These two were a joy to be around!!! And as I think about the last two times of being with them, all I can think of what an amazing day their WEDDING will be!!! ….And I’m sure the theme will continue…. 😉
A-colorful-urban-downtown-kansas-city-engagement-shoot-in-the-west-bottoms-lacey-rene-studios-1.jpg A-colorful-urban-downtown-kansas-city-engagement-shoot-in-the-west-bottoms-lacey-rene-studios-2.jpg A-colorful-urban-downtown-kansas-city-engagement-shoot-in-the-west-bottoms-lacey-rene-studios-3.jpg

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