5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stress-Free | A Note to the Bride

It’s the day you’ve dreamed about. The day you’ve waited for, counted down the months, days, hours, (yes even seconds) for. It’s the day you’ve anticipated. The day you’ll marry the love of your life!!

And that’s why every second of it should be stress free! No matter how many hours you plan there is always going to be something that won’t go exactly how you imagined. BUT that’s okay!!! Because at the end of the day you’ll be the Mrs. to your dream man! And good news! I’m there to be a resource for you, to help make your wedding day run as smoothly as possible!

Every wedding I shoot, there seems to be five (seemingly small) things that YOU can do to make sure you’re the worry free, stress free, enjoy every moment of the day bride on her wedding day!

1) Have your bridal details gathered at start of coverage.
There are so many nerves and excitement bouncing around the morning you’re getting married! But if you can take the time the day before to collect all your wedding details and gather them into one spot, it will make the beginning of your photography coverage run easy and smooth! Not sure what all this includes? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!
-Your wedding dress
-Bridesmaid dresses
-All three engagement rings
-Any bridal/bridemaids jewelry
-Wedding invitation
-Flower bouquet (if possible)

2) Handout wedding timelines!
If you’re one of my brides, we’ve talked through, worked through (and drank coffee through) every section of your day. We’ve developed a timeline to help you navigate seamlessly through your day. Why not have everyone on the same page?¬†Email it to your florist, send it to your ceremony venue coordinator, let your parents have a copy, make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen have one to reference! Don’t hesitate to hand out timelines to all the key players in helping your day run efficiently!! Which leads me to….

3) Bridal party portraits!
I love this part of the day! Watching the bride and groom interact with their friends who are standing beside them, cheering them on as they get married! The bridal party pictures are a time to have fun, a time to capture all the emotions of the day but one of the hardest things to do is make sure both the groomsmen and bridesmaids are ready to go at the start of their picture time! (Refer back to #2!) Be sure both sides of the bridal party have a timeline so they know when they should be ready to walk out of the changing room and start pictures!

4) Be sure to let everyone included in family portraits know what specific location they should be in and at what specific time.
This part of the day is usually a time warp. Trying to wrangle sisters, parents, grandparents, brothers etc etc etc all in one spot can be a headache. BUT the good news is it can be a headache we can avoid!!!! If everyone knows where to meet up and at what time family portraits can be easy peasy!!

5) Transition from Ceremony to Reception
Between ceremony and reception there is normally a rush for me to get my lighting tested and equipment set up as well as talk with the DJ to get on the same page. So before your grand entrance, take a few minutes to soak up everything that’s happened in your day! Talk with your bridal party, enjoy a few minutes alone with your new hubby! While I’m getting everything set up, soak in all the memories of the day! Then once I have everything ready I’ll come back and let you know we’re ready to get the party started!

There you have it! Five easy steps toward a stress free bride!!

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