Top Three Tips to Bringing Your Dog to Your Photo Shoot

Anyone who knows Michael and I know that WE. LOVE. OUR DOG! (I mean, can you blame us? He’s adorable!!!! See his puppy pictures HERE! And we don’t have kids yet, so this head over heels love is completely acceptable right??) 😉

So when my incredible clients ask if they can bring their dogs to their family or engagement sessions, my heart will always say yes!!!! I mean they are the reason we sneak food under the table, talk in baby voices in front of our friends and let their wet, sloppy kisses all over our clean faces! (Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!) But there are three top tips that I would recommend every client do to make our time taking pictures with our fur babies go as smoothly and as enjoyable as possible!

TIP #1: Bring an Extra Set of Hands
If you don’t hear anything else in this whole post, hear this. An extra set of hands will be a lifesaver!!!!!!! Bring a friend of the family who will hold onto the dogs leashes while we are taking pictures of just you guys! This will eliminate having to find a pole or tree to tie them to and will be so much less stressful for you! And lets be honest, it is all about the experience you will be having! Not only that but when we’re taking pictures of the dogs with you, the extra friend can stand behind me to get their attention! Having your friend with us will make or break your experience taking pictures with your pup!

TIP #2: Bring Treats
Yep. This one is that self explanatory! (And I’m pretty sure your dogs will love that I included it in here!) Bribing your dogs will get even the most stubborn of pups to do what we want! Sit, stay, look this way. And even if they don’t the candid moments in between are usually just as sweet to capture!

TIP #3: Bring Dark Colored Leashes
The point of bringing your pup is to see your entire little family….not the hot pink leash your dog is on. 😉 If you have some more neutral or dark colored leashes be sure to pack those! Unless you have the worlds best trained K-9 (and don’t feel bad if that doesn’t describe your dog…Moose definitely wouldn’t fall into that category!) they will be on their leash! A dark color will fade into the background of your pictures and let everyone see your beautiful faces and your adorable pup!!!

I cannot WAIT to meet you and your sweet dog! (And just a fair warning, I’ll probably use a baby voice with them too!) 😉

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