Love So Pure | Carolyn + Tim Wedding

It was apparent to all, where little or no words needed uttered.

They were in love.

And not the kind the world hurls to and fro with no thought to consequence or hurt or longevity. No. This was the tender kind. The one that patiently learned the other. Their likes and dislikes. Their passions. Their hearts. They learned and with time dug deeper into the vast beauty of who each was uniquely designed to be.

They pursued. They shared. They appreciated and preserved the qualities the other held and in a way only one worthy to hold another’s heart can….made them shine more brightly.

It was a pure love.
Authentic and true to it’s core.

There was foundation in One who alone could set their feet on a sturdy path to their future. They trusted each other. And together, they trusted One stronger than either. They took moments and days and years and built something so breathtaking.

And yet, it was apparent to all, where little or no words needed uttered–
This beauty.
This foundation.
This path.
This love.

It was only the beginning…